Parental chats have firmly entered the lives of parents, not only schoolchildren, but also kindergarteners, and even students. Groups in messengers and social networks — separate world with its own rules. Today, it is online that modern parents and teachers quickly solve pressing issues: they discuss homework, raise money for the needs of the class, etc. However, often such conversations go beyond the bounds of decency and provoke conflicts and squabbles. Can the teacher remove the conflicting parent from the general chat or not add him to the conversation at all, — in the material

Are there any rules for parenting chat? 

According to lawyer Angelina Malysheva, in fact, there are no requirements for chatting. “This way of communication rests only on the personal boundaries and education of each of the participants, as well as on the generally accepted rules of business communication. But, of course, there are topics that are prohibited by law, such as insulting and humiliating the honor and dignity of other chat participants, promoting extremist and similar attitudes, etc., — explained the expert. According to Malysheva, the chat mode can differ not only from school to school, but even between classes in the same educational institution: “The administrator of the group, which is usually a teacher, can limit the ability to comment on their messages or prohibit sending chat messages to someone other than himself, using the chat as a kind of bulletin board.

For what reason can a teacher exclude a parent from a conversation? 

According to the lawyer, the only reason why a parent can be affected in the form of a “ban” is chatting or deleting is a violation of generally accepted norms and rules of conduct, as well as a violation of the law. This is possible if the parent allowed himself to offend someone or disseminated information that could not be given to the public.

What if the teacher removed the parent from the chat or deliberately does not add to it? 

If the parent believes that he communicated with other participants in the conversation within reason and there is no reason to remove him from the chat, but this still happened, we can talk about a violation of ethical standards by the teacher. As representatives of the Moscow Department of Education explained to the portal, if there is reason to believe that the teacher’s actions were unlawful, then it is imperative to contact the school administration, personally to the director, so that this issue is resolved.

Lawyer Anna Poilova in an interview with the portal also stated that such behavior of a teacher can be regarded as a violation of the basic principles of providing education in Russia — publicity. However, this interpretation can only be applied if the parent chat — the only place where a parent can find out important information. In this case, you can protect your rights by filing a complaint with the director of the educational institution, the department of education of the region, Rosobrnadzor, law enforcement agencies, the prosecutor's office or the court. 


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