download mp3: JayMikee Ft Isreal Joshua – Dide (lyrics)

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Dide mp3 download by JayMikee Ft Isreal Joshua

JayMikee Ft Isreal Joshua just dropped the theme song Dide for the movie Enoch.

Notable Lyrics:
🎶Dide (Arise)🎶
🎶Emi Oluwa Jehova nbe Lara mi (The Spirit of the Lord is upon me)🎶
🎶Nitori ti oti fi Ami Ororo Yan mi (Cos he has anointed me)🎶
🎶Lati Wasu Fun awon otoshi (To Preach unto the lost ones)🎶
🎶Oti ran mi lati se awo tan oh (He has sent me to cleanse totally)🎶

🎶Gbogbo awon oni ro binuje okan (Those that are heart broken)🎶
🎶Ati gbogbo alayi ni ireti (to those that have lost hope)🎶
🎶Kede idasile fun awon igbekun ( declare freedom to the captives)🎶
🎶ati sisi le tubu fun awon ounde ( to set free the bound)🎶

🎶Didi Arise (x4)🎶

🎶Kristeni Ologun ( Christian Soldiers)🎶

🎶Kristeni mai ti wa sinmi o (Christian Seek yet reprise)🎶
🎶Beeni Angeli re wi (hear thy guardian angel say)🎶
🎶Ni arin ota lowa (ye are in the midst of foes)🎶
🎶Ma so ra (Watch and Pray) (x4)🎶

🎶Didi Arise🎶

🎶Ogun orun apadi (the host of hell)🎶
🎶ti a ko ri sugbon won ko ran won jo (that are gathered)🎶
🎶won sho e (watching you) (x3)🎶

🎶Dide oh! (arise) (x5)🎶
🎶Kristeni Ologun ( Christian Soldiers)🎶

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