Unidentified people poured paint over a plate with the coat of arms of the republic, as well as a building near it. The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that the embassy staff called the police 756522841129176.jpg” alt=”Polish embassy in Moscow was doused with red paint” />


Unknown people poured red paint on the building of the Polish embassy in Moscow, Onet reports. The embassy staff is waiting for the police to arrive.

The video of the incident was published by the Rise Telegram channel.

The footage shows how three men approach the entrance to the embassy from Bolshoi Tishinsky Lane and take out containers of paint. One of them poured water on the sign at the entrance, the other splashed paint on the checkpoint window. Another man was filming what was happening.

RBC turned to the Polish Embassy in Russia and the Russian Foreign Ministry for comment. The press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Moscow told RBC that there was no information about this incident.

On May 9, in Poland, unidentified persons poured red liquid over Russian Ambassador Sergei Andreev as he took part in a ceremony at the Soviet military cemetery in Warsaw. The crowd did not allow Andreev to lay a wreath, and he was forced to leave the memorial. Later it became known that the ambassador was doused with syrup.

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The Russian Foreign Ministry protested to the Polish authorities and also demanded an apology from Warsaw.

Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminsky said that the emotions of those who attacked the Russian ambassador were “understandable”. “The emotions of the participants in the action, Ukrainian women, whose husbands fight courageously to defend their homeland, are understandable,” — he commented.

The head of the Polish Foreign Ministry called the incident “an incident that should not have happened and which, of course, is regrettable.”

Poland, along with other European countries, opposes the Russian operation in Ukraine and provides military assistance to the country, and also accepts refugees from there.

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