Erdogan doubted that the US bases in Greece are intended only to counter Russia, and criticized the European Union for the delay in accepting Turkey into the association

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan believes that the policies of Western countries cannot be trusted , transmitted by TRT Haber.

He touched on this topic when talking about the deployment of US bases in Greece. “When we ask why these bases were built, they say: “Against Russia.” And what have you done against Russia for Ukraine? Were you able to stand up for Ukraine, were you able to support Ukraine? All lies. The West cannot be trusted,— Erdogan said.

Earlier this week, the Turkish president had already criticized the United States for building up its military presence in Greece, noting that there were nine American bases deployed there. “Against whom are they directed? They answer: “against Russia.” We won't take it on faith,” — Erdogan spoke on June 9. Then he also said that the United States and European countries are supplying Greece with a significant amount of weapons, as well as planes and helicopters, and hinted that this assistance could be aimed at confronting Turkey, wrote Bloomberg. In May, Greece extended an agreement with the United States to maintain American bases in the country for five years.

According to the Turkish President, Ankara is ready to cooperate with Western countries in matters of science and culture, but, he believes, it is not worth trusting in regard to their policy. “Even in the European Union, they are still slow [on Turkey's accession to the EU]. When did this start?”, — he wondered.

Turkey received EU candidate status in 1999. Negotiations on the country's entry into the association began in 2005. In May 2021, MEPs said relations between Ankara and Brussels had reached a “historic low” as Turkey “is increasingly distancing itself from EU values ​​and standards.” The deputies proposed to consider the possibility of suspending negotiations on the country's accession to the European Union. The Turkish Foreign Ministry considered the resolution of the European Parliament biased.

May 9, Europe Day, Erdogan said that the European Union in recent years has been “under the influence of short-term policy” countries— members of the association, and he needs to focus on common goals and “write a new story for himself.”

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On June 5, Erdogan said that the system created by the West to ensure its own security is destroyed. The Turkish President considered it a good idea to reform the UN, recalling that the world is larger than the five permanent members of the Organization's Security Council (Russia, China, USA, France, Great Britain). In addition, Erdogan pointed to the panic in Europe due to the Russian military operation in Ukraine.

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