EU countries demand exceptions to EC plans to reduce gas consumption by 15% Previously, the EC proposed to reduce gas consumption in Europe by 15% until next spring. According to the FT, EU member states demanded to take into account the degree of dependence of each country on Russian gas and provide exceptions for some of them

EU countries seek exemptions from Brussels' plans to reduce demand for natural gas, the newspaper reports Financial Times with reference to the draft document.

On July 20, the European Commission invited EU member states to voluntarily reduce gas consumption by 15% from next month over fears that Russia could cut off supplies. This corresponds to 45 billion cubic meters. m of gas.

According to the FT, the EU countries said (the paper did not name specific countries) that the mandatory targets should take into account the degree of dependence of each country on Russian gas, as well as the volumes of gas already sent to storage. According to EU member states, those who have the ability to supply gas to others can receive exemptions. A number of sectors considered critical to the EU's single market should also be exempt from stringent requirements, they argue.

“Member countries should be free to choose appropriate measures to achieve demand reduction,”— newspaper quotes words from draft document.

According to the document, at least five countries must make a special request for the EU-proposed readings to become mandatory. At the same time, the majority of member states will have to approve this requirement, notes the FT.

This week, the European Commission presented a plan that provides for voluntary reduction by countries — EU member states to use natural gas by 15% from August 1 of the current year to March 31, 2023. Three countries have officially opposed the proposal of the European Commission: Spain, Greece and Portugal. However, in reality, at least 12 EU countries expressed concern, Reuters reported.

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Nevertheless, Gazprom July 21 resumed deliveries. Gas is supplied in the amount of 40%, about 67 million cubic meters. m per day, as it was before prevention. To this level of supply have been reduced since mid -June. & laquo; Gazprom & raquo; He explained the decision by the fact that Siemens did not return the turbine from the repair. They are being repaired in Canada, and it was impossible to return the engine due to the sanctions that the country imposed against Russia. But after the request of Germany, Canada agreed to transfer to the turbine. However, in Gazprom emphasized that they had not received the necessary documents from Siemens.

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