Photo: Global Look Press

A large number of cases of soldiers deserting from the Armed Forces of Ukraine is explained by the fact that Ukrainian troops are not monolithic. According to an interview with, military expert of Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine Alexei Leonkov, Kyiv's statements about the unity of the republic's defenders cannot be trusted.

He noted that the Ukrainian regime is now sending “commissars” to all units – representatives of the national battalions, called upon to monitor the morale of the military. They should call the soft-bodied to accountability. Or rather, to shoot those who do not want to die in battle.

“And, despite such a tough dictate from these national battalions and harshness towards the Ukrainian military, they still give up, they give up, they run. They run wherever their eyes look. Sometimes we catch them, sometimes they are caught by the national battalions,” Leonkov said.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry reported 861 Ukrainian soldiers who refused to obey orders from Kyiv. All of them left their military units without permission.


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