The reasons are given.

Company “Gazprom” in the Telegram channel she spoke about problems with the supply of a turbine to “Nord Stream”.

According to the official press release, the sanctions policy of Canada, the EU and the UK is the reason. It is they who make the delivery of the turbine for the pipeline impossible.

It emphasizes that after the repair, the turbine is located in Germany.

But sending the unit to the Russian Federation to the compressor station “Portovaya&# 8221; is impossible, as there are inconsistencies between the current situation and the obligations of Siemens.

It is noteworthy that Siemens, commenting on the situation, stated that the company had met all the delivery conditions, while there were no documents from the Russian side.< /p>

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, after inspecting the turbine, also stated that there were no obstacles to sending the turbine to the Russian Federation.

Moreover, Germany stated that it is not required to send and transport the turbine in Russia no additional documents, since this equipment does not apply to sanctions.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the scheme for supplying Siemens turbines to the Crimea became known.

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