The Germans need to save at least 20% of their energy consumption in order to avoid a gas shortage by December, said the head of the Federal Network Agency (part of the German Ministry of Economy) Klaus Müller, Reuters reports.

According to him, Germany also should reduce gas exports to neighboring countries by 20% and import 10 to 15 GWh of gas to avoid shortages. “If we don't save a lot and get some extra gas, we're in trouble,” — Mueller said.

In June Gazprom twice reduced supplies via Nord Stream, citing a delay in sending a Siemens turbine to Russia, which was being repaired in Canada and could not be returned due to anti-Russian sanctions. July 25 Gazprom announced the decommissioning of another turbine at the Portovaya compressor station. Because of this, the daily volume of gas pumped through the Nord Stream will be reduced from 67 million to 33 million cubic meters. m (up to 20% of the design capacity).

Against the background of the situation with the turbine, the EU and Germany announced political rather than technical reasons for the reduction in supplies. Moscow denied this, saying that they do not use gas as a political tool. Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that after the return of the gas turbine engine, Russia will continue deliveries in technically possible volumes, but recalled the problems with other units.

On July 26, the EU countries came to a “political agreement” on a voluntary reduction in gas consumption by 15% compared to the average for the past five years. The measure will be in effect from August 1, 2022 until the end of March 2023. Countries will decide for themselves how to reduce gas consumption.

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