The Ukrainian authorities can send the first ship with a cargo of grain in four days, and fully resume the work of all three ports in two weeks. They also expressed hope for the fastest possible creation of the coordination center

The first ship with grain can leave the Ukrainian port within the framework of the agreement signed the day before in four days, said in an interview with Ukrainian Forbes

Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Yuriy Vaskov, who participated in the negotiations.

All three ports from which export will be carried out are fully functional, — Odessa, Chernomorsk and Yuzhny— will be able to earn within three weeks, he added.

Vaskov recalled that, in accordance with the agreements, the next step should be the creation of a joint quadripartite coordination center. “We are ready to send our people tomorrow. We hope that other parties are also ready to do this quickly. As soon as the center is established, we can open the first port, and then two more in turn, — he explained.

However, the day before, Deputy Representative of the UN Secretary General Farhan Haq stated that, according to the UN Secretary General, the joint coordination center would be established within two weeks.

< p>The Deputy Minister explained that the port administrations will interact with the coordination centers, and the ports will also form plans for handling ships.

According to Vaskov, there are already ship owners and insurers who are ready to send cargo along the “grain corridor”. Nevertheless, there are those who fear for the safety of the cargo, but the Deputy Minister expressed confidence that with each release of the vessel, the confidence of entrepreneurs will grow. “When shipowners and insurers see that the corridor is working and working safely, we will receive the necessary number of vessels to fully load the port terminals for the export of grain and other products,” — he added.

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According to its terms, a safe corridor will be created, along which ships with grain will be escorted by Ukrainian pilots. The military will not accompany the deliveries. Representatives of Ukraine, Turkey and the UN will oversee the loading. Vessels will be inspected to avoid the transport of weapons.

The representative of the President of Russia, Dmitry Peskov, explained that the signing of the agreement is necessary to overcome the general food crisis. “And in this regard, it is not critical— because it will not render special, decisive help, this is a relatively small amount of Ukrainian grain,— But still, it is very important that this grain gets to the world markets, and that the indirect restrictions that apply to our products also allow the market to receive additional volumes of fertilizers, grain, and so on. And Putin in Tehran spoke about the direct connection of all this, & mdash; he noted.

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