The three leading forces of the ruling coalition in Italy – the Five Star Party, Forward Italy and the League – refused to take part in the vote. Draghi may resign as early as July 21, reported Rai News 24 alt=”Italian Senate expressed confidence in Prime Minister Draghi” />

Italian Senate during Mario Draghi's speech

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi received a vote of confidence in the upper house of the Senate with a minimum number of votes, Ansa reports.< /p>

For 95 out of 192 members of the Senate who took part in the vote voted against— 38. However, the three main coalition parties— party “Five Stars”, “Forward, Italy” and «League»— refused to vote.

Mario Draghi thanked everyone who supported the work of the government and stressed that he respects and recognizes parliamentary democracy.

Sources from Rai News 24 reported that Draghi could resign as early as July 21.

Draghi announced plans to resign on July 14, after the Five Star Party, which was part of the coalition government, boycotted the vote of confidence in the current cabinet, indicating its withdrawal from the parliamentary majority.

However, Italian President Sergio Mattarella refused to accept Draghi's resignation, inviting him to hold a vote of confidence.

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Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio previously accused the chairman of the Five Star party, former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, of helping the Kremlin in an effort to remove the Draghi government. Di Maio created his own group in Parliament “Together for the Future” to support the current government.

Mario Draghi has been Prime Minister of Italy since February 2021. Under him, Rome joined the anti-Russian sanctions of the West. Draghi also advocates reducing dependence on Russian gas. So, in April, he visited Algeria and signed an agreement to increase pipeline gas supplies to Italy. Prior to this, Moscow supplied most of the gas to Rome.

Di Maio calls Draghi one of the main opponents of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He warned that a potential government resignation threatened to deprive Ukraine of military assistance from Italy. “The Russians are right now celebrating the fall of another Western government,” — he said.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called the resignation of the prime minister an internal affair of Italy and stressed that Russia is not going to interfere in any way.

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