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In Energy College near Moscow the presentation of the strategic initiative “Professionalism” took place.

This program is one of 42 initiated by the presidents of the Russian Federation of initiatives related to the socio-economic development of the country, which are scheduled for implementation before 2030 year.

The new program started in 2022 and today competitive selection to participate in 70 vocational education centers in different regions of the country.

“Professionalism” according to the plan of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, for which it has now become one of the most important ongoing projects, they should make both secondary vocational education and real enterprises for which personnel are trained there unified. When implementing the project, students will be able to simultaneously receive a high-quality and modern education according to modern educational standards in conjunction with the ability to actually use and apply the knowledge received in the educational institution.

Practical rather than abstract skills will make them competitive in the market. But not less less important is that at the same time they will also have the opportunity to find a job immediately after graduating from college or technical school. Because they will receive education in  close cooperation with a specific enterprise and experienced mentors — full-time employees of the company, with which the educational institution has established relations. “The program will unequivocally form a very necessary personnel reserve for the country. And I sure that with every year the number of “Professionality” participants will only grow» — Minister of Education of Russia Sergei Kravtsov.

The “Professionality” program, not having time to earn money, became popular with schoolchildren and parents. A lot of people gathered at the single open day, which was held in all educational institutions included in the program on April 16      On this day, 140 schoolchildren visited 6 enterprises, which became participants in the program in the Omsk region. A                         them them them  then then then the the detailed presentation of the project itself and the enterprises participating in them. In Omsk Region, students will practice their skills in several educational and industrial clusters. One of the  cluster will appear in University College of Agribusiness of Omsk State Agrarian University named after M.V. Stolypin. The necessary funds have already been collected to create the cluster: the university won a grant in the amount of 100 million rubles, another 25 million rubles will be added by 11 enterprises participating in the program, which will subsequently offer jobs to graduates. At OmskDiesel" ninth-graders, having familiarized themselves with the nuances of the work process, said that after the 9th grade they plan to enter a college that trains specialized personnel. “Now I’m trying to prepare well for exams and if I succeed with passing them, I will apply to agribusiness college, — told Omsk schoolboy Stepan Kamyshanov.- I have clarified everything and I see that the conditions created at the enterprise for the employees suit me completely, the future salary is also at the level. I really hope everything works out and I will be able to build my career here».

“All private enterprises of the project are potential employers who are ready to invest in  development of secondary vocational education. The  Professionality  in this process. This is a very reasonable approach. Because it will give the most effective education to students. Only employers know exactly what qualities and skills their future employees need  — Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Omsk Region, Minister of Education Tatiana Dernova.

The Kuznetsk Industrial College and the Taiga Institute of Railway Transport in the Kemerovo Region also hosted a single open day. Preparations are already underway for the creation of two new clusters on the basis of these educational institutions. By the new academic year, the region will start operating thanks to these universities, the educational and production clusters “Railway Transport” and "Metallurgy". “Professionalism” — this is not just an accelerated training in technical school, it is a real ecosystem, which which includes the largest employers, — says Minister of Education of the region Sofia Balakireva. — This is an important project for our region. Schoolchildren and their parents who came to             's                       In Kuzbass, the project partners were Russian Railways and EVRAZ. And».

An educational and production cluster will be created in the Perm Territory on the basis of 3 institutions. In the first year of the project implementation, they will be organized at the Perm College of Professional and Information Technologies named after Izgagin, the Perm Agro-Industrial College and the Perm Institute of Railway Transport. Clusters in "Mechanical Engineering", "Agriculture" will begin to operate here. and "Railway transport". More than 1,000 schoolchildren attended the open day of future clusters. They were  guests at all for the enterprises of industrial partners of educational and production centers. Those who came to technique im. Izgagin, where personnel for the machine-building industry has historically been trained, visited JSC ODK-Perm Motors», and also at a modern workshop opened for a new project in the technical school itself. Representatives of the Perm Railway Institute invited potential new students to the Perm-1 railway station. Here the guys went on excursions on the  high-speed electric train “Lastochka”. They learned about the construction of an electric train, visited the driver's cab. A & nbsp; meetings were held for parents. “They told how t the guys studying in the Professionality programs can find their way into the most demanded professions today, — said after the meeting the student's mother, who introduced herself as Ekaterina. — We were promised that this type of education would practically guarantee employment for our children. This gave me confidence that my son would not remain, albeit with a brand new diploma, but without employment. I hope that he will receive guarantees of self-realization both in profession and in life. It impresses that employers themselves participate in the learning process. Such close communication with professionals in their field will increase the effectiveness of education many times».

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