Transit will resume from July 22 in compliance with the conditions for strengthening the control of goods provided for by EU directives, stressed in the Lithuanian Railways

On July 22, Lithuanian railways will resume the transit of goods from Russia to the Kaliningrad region through the territory of Lithuania. This is reported by LRT radio with reference to the company's message.

“LTG Cargo will resume such transportation from today, that is, July 22. They will be carried out in compliance with the conditions for strengthening the transit control of goods, provided for by the EU directives,— the message says.

The company emphasized that they are taking measures in accordance with the regulation of the Council of the European Union and the leadership of the European Commission in accordance with the conditions for strengthening control over the transit of goods.

The transit of goods subject to sanctions will be allowed only if they are necessary, are not considered an unusual flow or trade scheme and do not circumvent restrictions, emphasized the Lithuanian Railways.

Lithuanian Railways has banned transit to and from the Kaliningrad region to other Russian regions of many goods subject to EU sanctions since June 18. Moscow called the actions of Vilnius illegal and demanded that the ban be lifted. At the same time, Lithuania explained the decision by the implementation of EU sanctions.

On July 13, the European Commission allowed the transit of sanctioned goods by rail through Lithuania to the Kaliningrad region with the right of the EU to exercise “effective control”.

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Transit on cars registered in Russia is prohibited. The transit of sanctioned military or dual-use goods and technologies was banned by the EC, regardless of the method of transportation.

The Russian Foreign Ministry promised to study the explanations of the European Commission, and the governor of the Kaliningrad region, Anton Alikhanov, announced that he would continue contacts with the European Union until the complete removal restrictions. A day later, the head of the region said that they were filmed by 80%.

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