According to the governor, under the leadership of the former military commissar in the first days of mobilization, the military commissariat worked in an unorganized manner. The new commissioner will work on the armor system for enterprises

Sergei Nosov at a meeting on the progress of partial mobilization in the Magadan region

The military commissar of the Magadan region was dismissed due to mistakes made during partial mobilization, said the governor of the region Sergei Nosov, RIA Novosti reports.

According to orders on the website of the military commissariat, we are talking about the acting military commissar Yevhen Derkach.

“The leadership of the military registration and enlistment office has changed due to this situation with partial mobilization, I turned to the commander of the Eastern District. And a professional officer was sent here, who organized the work of the military registration and enlistment office, which was disorganized in the early days. And simply due to his professional and strong-willed qualities, he put everything in its place. On all clear rails, numbers, names, surnames. A candidate on a permanent basis is being selected for Magadan by order of the district commander, & mdash; said Nosov.

The governor claims that under the former military commissar, the military registration system was actually destroyed. According to him, the new military commissar will have to restore it, as well as organize work on the armor system for enterprises.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization on September 21, after seven months of hostilities in Ukraine. The Ministry of Defense stated that Russians who served in the army, have combat experience or a military specialty will fall under the draft. The military commissar of the Irkutsk region, Yevgeny Fuzhenko, noted that this also applies to those with limited fit (category B), but they are not the first to be drafted.

The deputy chief physician of the Magadan ambulance station, Irina Rakovets, said that ten employees were mobilized, including paramedics, orderlies and orderlies-drivers, Magadan reports. She noted that the station serves not only the city, but also the nearest villages, and is also responsible for air ambulance. “For us, this is a serious loss,” & mdash; said Cancer is mobilizing healthcare workers.

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Oleg Mikhailyuk, Commissioner for Human Rights of the Magadan Region, pointed out that military registration and enlistment offices have mobilized those who raise minor children alone. «They will come home»— clarified the Ombudsman.

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