Confiscation will be carried out if it is provided for by the verdict of the criminal court. The document also provides for punishment in the absence of a citizen, if he is recognized as hiding from the investigation ” alt=”Moldova adopted a project on the absentee withdrawal of funds from those who fled the country” />

The Parliament of Moldova at the next meeting approved in the first reading a bill on the in absentia charge and punishment of citizens who fled from criminal prosecution, it provides for the forced seizure of money and property after the verdict, follows from a statement on the website of the Parliament.

The decision was supported by 78 out of 101 deputies .

“The document concerns criminal proceedings in the absence of a person, <…> litigation in cases in which a person evades prosecution or <…> from participating in the trial. <…> Initiative proposes confiscation of relevant goods <…> if it is provided for in the guilty verdict, — said in message.

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