According to her, US support for Taiwan is especially important, as the whole world is “facing a choice between autocracy and democracy”< source srcset=" 590w" type="image/webp" >

Support for “bright and dynamic” Taiwan's democracy is the main purpose of the US delegation's visit. Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi said this upon arrival in Taipei, Reuters reports. said the speaker.

U.S. solidarity with Taiwan's 23 million people is more important today than ever, as “the world faces a choice between autocracy and democracy,” she said.

Pelosi's visit has exacerbated already tense relations between the US and China. Over the past weeks, China has been warning the US authorities that the move would be seen as a violation of its sovereignty, and threatened with imminent consequences. However, Pelosi's visit to Taiwan was not officially confirmed until the last moment.


On the afternoon of August 2, a special flight with Pelosi on board, departing from Malaysia, turned towards Taiwan. After that, China announced military exercises near the Taiwan Strait, and the Japanese NHK reported that five American tanker aircraft and eight F-15 fighters took off from the Kaneda air base in Okinawa Prefecture towards the island.

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Taiwan declared secession from China during a civil war in 1949. Beijing does not recognize the independence of the island and considers it its province. The administrative status of the region has not been settled.

Officially, the United States has no relations with the Taiwan authorities, but since 1979 a law has been in force between them, according to which Washington can supply defensive weapons to the region. At the same time, the US authorities have repeatedly stated that they support the “one China” policy.

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