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The US Department of Defense has temporarily stopped deliveries of Lockheed Martin's F-35 aircraft to the army after it became known that one component of the aircraft contained an alloy made in China. This violates federal defense procurement regulations, according to CNN.

The Pentagon, however, assured that the magnet containing the alloy used in the integrated power supply does not pose a safety problem.

“We have confirmed that the magnet does not transmit information or damage the integrity of the aircraft, and there are no performance, quality, safety or risks associated with this issue, and flights for the F-35 fleet in service will continue as usual. mode»,— Defense Department spokesman Russ Homer said.

The Defense Department noted that the manufacturer has already found an alternative for future deliveries.

Lockheed Martin has itself reported non-compliance with defense procurement rules, and is currently being reviewed. The Pentagon did not specify how many deliveries of the fighter jets were suspended or how many were made from the Chinese alloy. In 2022, the company plans to deliver up to 153 F-35s, with 88 aircraft handed over to customers.

The United States operates F-35 aircraft in three configurations: F-35A conventional takeoff and landing used by the Air Force, F-35B Corps Marine Corps, which can land vertically, as well as the F-35C, designed for aircraft carriers.

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Abroad, the F-35 is used by the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Australia, Norway, Denmark, Canada, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Poland, Belgium and Singapore.

The economic confrontation between the US and China has escalated under President Donald Trump. In 2018, Trump imposed 25 percent tariffs on $50 billion worth of goods from China, citing “dishonest trading practices” as the reason for his decision. Beijing. The White House also accused China of stealing American technology.

Later, 10% duties were imposed on smartphones, toys and other general consumer goods worth $300 billion. The Chinese side imposed retaliatory duties. After the election of Joe Biden, Washington began to ease restrictions.

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