The Kremlin felt that Galkin was not on the way with Russia because of his statements about the military operation The Kremlin felt that Maxim Galkin was not on the way with Russia because of his statements about Russian military actions in Ukraine. Russian authorities have not heard such words from his wife Alla Pugacheva

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Some Russian artists have tarnished their reputations with unacceptable statements after they left the country due to the military operation in Ukraine, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, TASS reports.

The Kremlin spokesman noted that with those who did “obscene” statements, the rest of the Russians are not on the way. Among them, he named TV presenter and comedian Maxim Galkin, who spoke out against Russia's military actions in Ukraine, but did not accuse his wife, singer and people's artist Alla Pugacheva of such actions.

“I have not heard a single statement from Alla Borisovna Pugacheva, and my husband [Maxim Galkin]— yes, he is clearly not on the way with us, the husband made very bad statements. So far, I have not seen any reaction from any of our competent authorities, but in his statements he antagonizes himself with all of us, — said Peskov.

Meanwhile, he noted that President Vladimir Putin is “quite normal”; refers to Pugacheva. They know each other and have met several times, Peskov recalled.

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin left Russia in early March. The singer rejected the possibility of emigration and said that she had gone to Israel for treatment and vacation, but plans to return to Russia by September 1, when the children go to school.

At the same time, Galkin repeatedly spoke out against Russia's military actions in Ukraine. “Russia is to blame for so many terrible things, and at the same time says that it is not to blame. Atrocities in Bucha— it's not us, Malaysian Boeing— it's not us, Mariupol was razed to the ground— it's not us. And what are we doing there? he said in a video in Telegram.

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Pugacheva returned to Moscow on August 27. Upon arrival, she announced that she planned to clean up her mind.

After the funeral of the first president of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev, the singer said that Russia had lost the ability to compromise, and philanthropy and nobility in the country “disappeared” ;. She expressed regret that the era when the Russians gained freedom, ceased to be an “evil empire” had passed; for the whole world and stopped being afraid for the future of their children.

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