Administrative cases are related to their publications in social networks. Durnenkov and Davydova are outside of Russia

Marina Davydova

The Tverskoy Court registered cases under an administrative article on discrediting the Russian army, brought against a theater critic, editor-in-chief of the magazine "Teatr." Marina Davydova and playwright Mikhail Durnenkov, the press service of the court told RBC. 20.3.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses were registered on September 8. For this part, a fine of up to 50 thousand rubles is threatened.

As specified on the website of the publication “Teatr.”, Davydova received a telegram with a request to come to the prosecutor's office to make a decision on the administrative case on August 18. Davydova noted that she was not going to “prove something in court” and also return to Russia.

In a conversation with RBC, the critic called the case against herself “administrative nonsense.” “The petition was written on February 24th. That is, until the moment the law on defamation came out, — Davydova said. According to her, “there is no discrediting the army in the petition.” “There is no word ‘army’ at all,— said the critic.

Davydova had previously said on Facebook (the parent company Meta was declared extremist and banned in Russia) that a few hours after the publication of the petition on February 24, she began to receive threats by phone and e-mail, and a few days later the letter Z was painted with white paint on the door of her apartment. After that, Davydova left the country.

Durnenkov told RBC that he would not appeal the initiation of the case and was not in Russia. “In order to appeal the case, one must see some sense in the actions of the Russian court or have hope for justice. Since I don’t notice either one or the other, I’m not going to do anything about this, & mdash; said the playwright.

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Durnenkov published a post about the Russian army in April. After that, the head of the Union of Theater Workers, Alexander Kalyagin, issued a statement in which he condemned the words of the playwright and noted that he could no longer be in the association. The Moscow Art Theater School, where he taught dramaturgy, terminated the contract with him. “Theatre.” wrote that Durnenkov's performances had disappeared from the playbill of the Praktika Theatre. On the website of “Satyricon” removed his name from the poster of the play “R”, of which he is the author. At the end of the month, more than 120 theatrical figures published a letter in support of Durnenkov.

In 2019, Durnenkov received the Golden Mask Award. for the play “Utopia” staged at the Theater of Nations. Wrote more than 20 plays, including «The­lead­nik», «(Sa­my) easy­quick­sob­shy;th­to», «Kul­tour­layer».

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