The country suspended the program for Russians at the end of February, but ten Russian citizens still applied after that. All of them were denied

Ten Russian citizens applied for the so-called Portuguese “golden visas”— residence permit in exchange for investment— after the start of the operation in Ukraine, but they were all rejected, the newspaper Publico writes.

Portugal announced at the end of February that it was suspending consideration of applications for golden visas. from citizens of Russia due to the imposed sanctions of the European Union. At that time, the country issued 431 “golden visas” to Russians, of which seven— from the beginning of 2022. Portugal thus attracted «277.8 million investments in nine years.

Ukrainians since the launch of the program “golden visas” received 51 residence permits in exchange for €32.5 million investment.

There are more than 60 programs for obtaining citizenship or residence permits through investments in the world, some of them are in the EU countries. After the start of the Russian operation in Ukraine, some states suspended these programs, including Greece, the Czech Republic, Malta.

At the same time, Portugal opposed the general ban on the entry of Russians into the EU countries, which were proposed by some members of the association, including Estonia. “Portugal believes that the main purpose of the sanctions regime should be to punish the Russian war machine, not the Russian people. Portugal will participate in the discussion of this issue at the European level, contributing to the development of a common position of states— members of the EU»,— reported the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Until the European Union has agreed on a ban, limiting itself to the suspension of the simplified visa regime with Russia, which will make it difficult, but will not limit the receipt of Schengen visas by Russians.

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