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There is no value greater than the life of a child. All parents make an endless and long-term investment in the health of their children. But sometimes it happens that they are insufficient or, even worse, ineffective. Then real investors come to help and come. Each of us can try to contribute to someone's future.

to help

For example, to help a little girl Nastya, who now faces one important task – survive and grow.

Nastya Malysh was born with the most severe form of genetic heart disease. At any moment, the girl can lose consciousness and never wake up again. Twice her heart has already stopped. Twice he managed to start. Will you be lucky for the third time?

Nastya and her family live across the street from the hospital – windows to windows. Lucky: emergency doctors get to their apartment in a couple of minutes. Just hold out even these two minutes – great work and luck. Mom and dad firmly hold this luck in their hands, with which they reanimate Nastya's heart.

In childhood Dilya and Seryozhalived in neighboring houses – also windows in windows. Seryozha saw when Dilya came out of the entrance with a sports bag at the ready, and hurried to the street. Together we went to the hand-to-hand combat section. Seryozha Dilya liked already then. And Dila liked Seryozhin's last name – Baby. So funny and  at the same time affectionate. When they grew up, this surname became Dilina too.

Malysh family: father Seryozha, mother Dilya, two daughters – Angelina and Nastya. And more – two loans, a common dream to build a house, plant a tree and give birth to another baby.

Dilya herself (“my real name” is Dilrabo) comes from a large family. In Uzbekistan, where her parents are from, this is the norm. «I have 3 brothers, 7 sisters & 27 nephews» – she says proudly. It would be more if it were not for the disease, which is inherited in her family and can take away the youngest daughter of Dili.

Nastya – the only child in  Nadym who was so unlucky. The form of the disease is rare, and a pediatric cardiologist has appeared in the city quite recently. Before that, the girl was observed by adult doctors, and she was also transported by air ambulance to neighboring Noyabrsk (the baby’s pulse then dropped to 40 beats per minute). Then there were St. Petersburg, Tomsk, Moscow. Nastya was prescribed lifelong medications and explained to her parents that sooner or later it would be necessary to implant a defibrillator so that it would start the heart during the next stop. But it's better to get to the cardiac surgeons later, when Nastya grows up. And so far, instead of a defibrillator, her mother started her heart.

If on chest –  where the edges meet – put three fingers (index, middle and ring fingers) and rhythmically press 200 times per minute, then you can, simulating a heartbeat, deceive Nastya's body and death.

The last time Dilya cheated death was in June. At night, Nastya screamed from & nbsp; sharp pain and & nbsp; went limp in & nbsp; her mother's hands with a blue rag. «Seryozha! Angelina!» – Dila ordered. They then worked as a friendly team. While Dilya was doing an indirect heart massage, the eldest daughter rushed with a portable defibrillator and helped to glue the electrodes between the shoulder blades and on her sister's chest, and the husband called the ambulance. A whole resuscitation team, a family contract. Task – do not panic and & nbsp; hold out for only 2 minutes. From the  defibrillator came a mechanical voice “get away from” the patient, then Nastya's body was pierced by a current discharge.


When the doctors entered the apartment, the girl had already opened her eyes, and on the screen of the device her new a chance.

Panic covered everyone already in the emergency room. There, Dilya burst into tears from the soul.

Two years ago, cardiologists set a single task for her daughter – survive and grow up. Then Nastya did it. Now the moment that has been delayed for so long has arrived. It's time to put the girl on a defibrillator. With him, she will go to kindergarten, like the most ordinary child. And will live – long, long.

Fortunately, the device that suits Nastya is still available from suppliers, but there are no free quotas for operations for this year. Nastya may not be able to make it to the next one. No one knows when the next attack will happen. Will it happen in a dream or during a game? And will mom have time to count to 200 this time?

It takes 700,000 to save Nastya and 2 minutes to donate – from anyone who wants to help.

Need  help

«Start» the heart of Nastya Malysh (2 years old, Nadym) will be helped by the installation of a defibrillator for 700 thousand rubles.

Opinion  expert

Vera Bereznitskaya, Head of the Children's Cardiology Department of Cardiac Arrhythmias, Veltishchev Research Institute of Pediatrics:

– Nastya needs a cardiodefibrillator implantation. The electrodes to it must be of a certain size, and the defibrillator itself – be placed epicardially, as the child is small. They found the device and electrodes for it, but there is no time to wait for a purchase under quota, because in June Nastya already had two sudden circulatory arrests.

We help our heroes like this:

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For regular donations: “month [space] amount” (for example: month 150).

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Thank you!

AIF. Good Heart” helps children and adults with severe and rare diseases. We provide medical, legal and psychological support to wards from the most remote regions. By supporting the foundation, you help not only them, but also their families!

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