At the same time, the Russian side accused Kyiv of violating international law in relation to the prisoners. At the end of June, the parties exchanged 144 soldiers for 144 at the direction of Vladimir Putin. Kyiv called this exchange the largest since the end of February media=”(max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >< source srcset=" 1200w" type="image/webp" media="(min-resolution: 192dpi) " >

Alexander Fomin

Russia and Ukraine have already exchanged prisoners and the bodies of dead servicemen 27 times, said Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin, TASS reports.

“With the participation of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), it was also possible to organize a dialogue with Kyiv on the issue of the exchange of prisoners of war and the bodies of dead servicemen. To date, 27 such operations have been carried out,— said Fomin at a briefing for foreign military attaches.

The Deputy Head of the Ministry of Defense accused Kyiv of violating international law in relation to prisoners of war, arguing that they are subjected to torture, bullying, extrajudicial executions, they are not provided with medical assistance.

At the end of June, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that Moscow and Kyiv exchanged 144 captured military personnel for 144 on the direct orders of President Vladimir Putin. All released— injured or seriously injured. The official representative of the department, Lieutenant-General Igor Konashenkov, then said that the total number of Ukrainian soldiers who were taken prisoner exceeded 6 thousand people.

The Ukrainian military department clarified that among the prisoners who were exchanged, 95 surrendered servicemen from the Azovstal plant. in Mariupol, including 43 fighters of the national battalion “Azov” (The Supreme Court of Russia recognized “Azov” as a terrorist organization and banned its activities). The Ukrainian side called the exchange the largest since the start of hostilities. In early June, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed the surrender of 2.5 thousand soldiers from Azovstal.

The Kremlin noted that the main thing for Russia— the return of all the military who are “fighting for the right to life of people in the DPR and LPR.”

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