According to Robert Habek, the turbine, due to the delay of which Gazprom, since mid-June, has reduced the volume of pumping through Nord Stream from 167 million to 33 million cubic meters. m, ready for shipment to Russia

Vice-Chancellor, German Economy Minister Robert Habeck sees no technical reasons for reducing gas supplies through the Nord Stream pipeline, as previously announced by Gazprom. He stated this in an interview with the DPA, his words are quoted by the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung.

“There are no technical reasons for reducing [gas supplies via Nord Stream]”, — Habek said. According to him, the turbine, due to the delay of which “Gazprom” reduced the volume of pumping through this pipeline last time, first from 167 million to 100 million cubic meters. m of gas per day, and then up to 67 million cubic meters. m, ready to ship to Russia. The German company Siemens Energy, which maintains the Nord Stream engine, has prepared all the necessary documents, but Russia refuses to issue a permit for its part, the minister explained.

< p>On a possible reduction in pumping through the Nord Stream at the end of July, on July 19, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned. “The fact is that at the end of July, in my opinion, on the 26th, in my opinion, this should be asked from Gazprom, also another car should be sent for maintenance work, for repairs. Where can we get refurbished ones? Absolutely not clear. And another machine is already out of order, because some kind of internal lining has fallen off, Siemens confirmed this. That is, now there are two, 60 million pumped per day. Now, if one more comes, then it’s good, two will work, & mdash; he said. However, according to him, if Russia does not receive a repaired turbine stuck in Canada due to the sanctions of this country, the volume of deliveries will be halved— up to 30 million cubic meters m per day.

«Gazprom» has not yet received official legal and technical documents to understand that Gazprom takes, in what condition the car came and what is its legal status: it is under sanctions, not under sanctions, what to do with it, tomorrow, maybe they will take it back, ”Putin argued. This was also stated in the Russian company.

On July 25, Gazprom announced a reduction in gas pumping from July 27 from 67 million to 33 million cubic meters. m. due to the shutdown of another Siemens engine at the Portovaya compressor station, through which gas is supplied to Nord Stream.

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