Both the writer and the oppositionist left Russia. The Ministry of Internal Affairs does not name the exact reasons for the decision, but their cards in the database indicate that they are wanted under the article of the Criminal Code

Dmitry Glukhovsky

The Ministry of Internal Affairs accused the writer Dmitry Glukhovsky and oppositionist Vladimir Milov of being wanted (recognized as a foreign agent), follows from the database departments. Both of them are wanted under the article of the Criminal Code.

The exact reasons are not specified, the criminal cases against Glukhovsky and Milov were not officially reported. After the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, both publicly opposed the Russian special operation.

Glukhovsky said in Telegram: “I am accused of discrediting the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation for a post on Insta. Article 207.3, part 2″ (the article, the number of which he names, — on the spread of fakes about the army, the article on discrediting— 280.3). Glukhovsky attached to the post a scan of the title page of a copy of the materials of the criminal case, which says that a preventive measure in the form of detention was chosen against him. The press service of the court confirmed to RIA Novosti that the writer was arrested in absentia under an article about fakes.

According to part 2 of Art. 207.3 Glukhovsky could face up to ten years in prison. As for the article on defamation, criminal liability for it is brought within one year after administrative punishment for similar actions (except for cases when defamation caused death or harm to the health of citizens, destruction or mass violations of public order).

Milov— colleague of Alexei Navalny, in the past— Deputy Minister of Energy (2002), head of the Democratic Choice Party; (2012–2015). In 2021, he left Russia. On May 6 this year, the Ministry of Justice entered the politician into the register of foreign media agents.

After the rallies in 2021, many of Navalny's associates became defendants in the “sanitary business”, but Milov was not among them.

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Glukhovsky— author of the novels “Metro 2033”, “Metro 2034” and “Metro 2035”, “Post”, “Text”, the author of the film script for the latter (for this work the writer received the Nika award). He also left the country.

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