Germans remember the horrors of World War II and the genocide, Steinmeier said. After 1945, there was hope in Europe that politicians would not allow a recurrence of hostilities, but now that dream has failed, the German president said media/img/9/24/756520064383249.jpg” alt=”The President of Germany announced a “nightmare” instead of a dream of a “European home”” />

Frank-Walter Steinmeier

The Russian military operation has become a turning point of the era that threatens the existence of Ukraine, European society is amazed by what is happening, said German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier in his speech at the congress of the Association of German Trade Unions (DGB). The words of the German President are transmitted by his press service.

Since the end of World War II, May 8 has been a day of gratitude to the allies from the West and East for the victory over Nazism, the date has also become a day of remembrance and edification, Steinmeier said, pointing out that the people of Germany remember the “merciless war of annihilation waged by the Germans in Eastern Europe". He assured that Germany honors the memory of the sufferings of the peoples of the Soviet Union and the victims of persecution, hatred and violence.

With regard to the post-war reconstruction of Europe, the German president continued, May 8 was also a day of hope, since the survivors of the war believed that no one would resort to hostilities to resolve political issues. He recalled the Helsinki Final Act of 1975, with the signing of which the USSR, the USA and all European countries confirmed the inviolability of borders on the continent.

“Generations of politicians worked to ensure that“ never again ” also meant “never again war in Europe”. Mikhail Gorbachev gave us a vision on the way to a common European home. But today, May 8, the dream of a common European home has failed: a nightmare has come in its place. It's May 8— day of the war»,— said Steinmeier.

About a month ago, in mid-April, Steinmeier called the normalization of relations with Russia under President Vladimir Putin an impossible scenario. “In my opinion, one thing is clear: under Putin there can be no return to normal life with Russia,” — said the German president. He added that “war crimes in Ukraine” seen by people around the world, they must be investigated, and those responsible must be punished.

May 8 is Anti-War Day in Germany. “On May 8, 1945, World War II in Europe ended with the unconditional surrender of the German Wehrmacht and liberation from National Socialism. Surrender was a liberation that paved the way for a new beginning in Germany and Europe. cites the Federal Agency for Civic Education (Politische Bildung) a certificate from the Hessian State Center for Political Education.

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“Close ties” the German president with Russia became the reason for the refusal of the Ukrainian authorities to visit Kyiv, Bild sources said in mid-April. “He is not welcome in Kyiv now”, — an unnamed Ukrainian diplomat told the newspaper. Later, these data were confirmed by the President of Germany, indicating that he was ready for a trip to the Ukrainian capital. “But, apparently, and I must admit this, they didn’t want this in Kyiv,” — he concluded.

The refusal of the German president to visit Kyiv caused a sharp reaction in Berlin. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called the actions of the Ukrainian authorities “irritating”, calling for the president of the republic to be received. Scholz later stressed that the issue had become a problem and that he had no intention of visiting the Ukrainian capital until Steinmeier was there. Berlin provides Kyiv with military and financial support, and therefore “you can’t say: the president cannot come,” Scholz is sure.

In early May, Steinmeier spoke by phone with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, as a result of which the parties eliminated “annoying factors,” said the press service of the German politician. “The two presidents agreed to remain in close contact,” — It was said in the message.

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