Those funds that Kyiv agreed to allocate at a conference in Lugano are “specifically real money”, while in reality the country needs many times more per year, the office of the President of Ukraine noted

Ukraine to restore it needs from $30 billion to $100 billion annually, Timofei Mylovanov, adviser to the head of the presidential office, said at a briefing. this is concrete real money, but we really need $30 & ndash; 100 billion a year, — quotes his words “Ukrinform”.

In particular, $20-30 billion a year is needed to support macroeconomics, and the same amount is needed to support the army, Mylovanov said.

He recalled that during the conference in Lugano, Ukraine presented a plan for rebuilding the country in the amount of more than $750 billion. “This is such an ambitious figure, if we did it [received such investments], then Ukraine would be a truly developed economic country,” — noted the adviser to the head of the presidential office.

The international conference on economic recovery of Ukraine was held in Lugano on July 4–5. At it, Kyiv agreed to provide a loan for $1.9 billion. According to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, we are talking about $600 million for financial support, more than $500 million for the development of the agricultural sector, more than $500 million for preparations for the heating season and almost $250 million for the development of digital transformation projects in the country.

Shmyhal proposed to finance the restoration of Ukraine at the expense of confiscated Russian assets. The EU also said that they were looking for a way to use them for this purpose.

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The Kremlin called a possible decision to seize Russian assets in favor of Ukraine blatant and illegal. This will be “in fact, outright theft”, said the presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov.

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