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Liz Truss

British Foreign Secretary and candidate for Prime Minister Liz Truss said that if elected, she would present a plan to combat rising electricity prices within the first week. She told The Daily Telegraph.

“If I am elected, I plan to determine immediate action on electricity bills and energy supplies in the first week of my administration,”— said the minister.

Trust added that the British authorities must make “difficult decisions to ensure that we do not find ourselves in this position every autumn and winter.” She also said that the finance minister of her office will announce measures to reduce the tax burden on British citizens in September.

In the UK, from July 12, elections are held among parliamentarians— members of the Conservative Party, their colleagues in the faction vote for them. The voting in the parliament goes to several rounds, after that it will continue by mail and will continue until autumn. The name of the new head of the party, who will automatically become the country's prime minister, will be announced on September 5. Truss' opponent in the election is former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak.

Electricity prices in Europe are rising amid record heatwaves and anti-Russian sanctions that have disrupted supply chains.

Earlier, The Sun newspaper, citing sources, said that the UK government is developing plans in case of protests due to a sharp increase in electricity prices and an increase in the number of crimes. By mid-August, the debt of UK residents for electricity reached a record £1.3 billion.

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British Energy Regulator Ofgem at the End August warned that from October 1, the cost of electricity in the country will increase by 80%, the average marginal bill of households for the year will exceed £3.5 thousand (more than $4.1 thousand), Reuters wrote.

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