Plot RF special operation in Donbass and Ukraine

The answer to the question most often asked to residents of the frontline areas of Donbass was answered by correspondent from themselves.

«I will live on the ashes! »

House of Svetlana Osipova, which had to be restored twice after the shelling, is located in the "red zone". The western outskirts of the city, Trudovskie, the long-suffering Petrovsky district of Donetsk, surrounded by Ukrainian fortified areas.

Photo: AiF/Evgenia Martynova

— We are shelling daily, sometimes — from morning to to evening, — says the Donetsk woman. — Then life stops;  I have a corner in the house where I lay and wait, no longer going down to the basement, listening to the slate and shards pouring down the roofs. We are used to it! We we had the experience of evacuating to another city in the summer of 2014 and could only endure it for a month. This is my home, God is with us, and I believe that peace will come soon.

Shells flying from the side of Krasnogorovka, Novomikhailovka, Ugledar, rush over the heads of the inhabitants of “Trudyagi”, covering the Petrovsky, Kirovsky districts and Yelenovka. From the regional center, Marinka, the Nazis, according to Svetlana, almost no longer shoot: the allied forces have entrenched themselves on the mine waste heap and from heights successfully stop the movements of enemy crowds. But the tiny village of Ostroye, on height, from which offers a view of the western part of Donetsk, is controlled by Ukrainian forces. Fire is poured over Donetsk from there.

Young people from Trudovskie are trying to move to areas where shelling occurs less frequently. Retirees don't want to leave: they are tied to their homes and fed animals. And ready to endure the frequent lack of electricity and permanent — water.

Every evening, one of the locals takes a purse with documents and goes to spend the night in a bomb shelter located in school. Her stance is unshakable: "I will live the ashes, but will not go anywhere!"

Sveta takes care of her mother, who survived a stroke. While there is light, the old woman is distracted and watches TV, the loud sound of which drowns out the shelling. And in the silence, to the sound of arrivals, you have to calm her down…

— I I won leave mother  Here are the graves of my father, brother, first husband. This year, the military did not allow us to visit the cemetery, behind which there is a field and already Krasnogorovka. The heart bleeds that the graves are overgrown with grass. But they still bury at the cemetery. A friend's son died, who had been fighting since 2014. They said goodbye to him near the house, but the ritualists categorically refused to take their relatives with them to the churchyard. And only my mother begged for permission to go: “Take me, he my son, and I'm no longer afraid»…

You have to become «turtles»

< p>As Evgenia Mikhailova, the hostess of the “Koshkin Dom” shelter, rescues abandoned animals, I happened to observe in & nbsp; Mariupol in March. Zhenya dived into the  broken high-rise buildings at  Azovstal», dodging between dead bodies and flying tank shells, to catch feral, emaciated, wounded cats.

Zhenya Mikhailova rescues a feral Mariupol cat whose owners died. Photo: AiF/Evgenia Martynova

They were taken to a shelter on the front line in Yelenovka, and then found new owners. Zhenya's house and farm (where dogs, cows and a horse still live) have been in the risk zone all these years, and when the Ukrainians were driven from the south, they began to peck at the village already from the west.

< p>     I have a tube from cassette holder sticking out in my garden, and seven cats were killed by fragments — says Zhenya. — They are not afraid of shelling, these sounds are familiar to them. In 2014, a mine flew right under the gate   made holes in the fence so that cats can easily climb in             Before the start of the special operation in "Pride" there were 156 animals, now — 38, the rest managed to find “pens” with the help of volunteers in the Russian Federation. Zhenya is already expanding her mission to rescue cats to liberated cities of the LPR — Alchevsk. Severodonetsk, Rubizhne.

— In in 2014, my child was shell-shocked, and we, like many, left to "wait out" and restore health, — Eugene shares.      I stayed in St. My house — here, and here I build my life from the moment I graduated from high school. Wherever we live we will always encounter difficulties — with earthquakes, hurricanes, bad neighbors, and           we need to become turtles — and carry your house on yourselves!

Probing Donetsk with artillery

Kirill Kovalevthe shelling of the front-line Nitrogen was found in a garage cooperative. After all, the city in these days observed black smoke from a terrible fire. A Kirill Vladimirovich — and remnants of NATO-style shells, with which the Ukrainians bombarded the quarters of the Kuibyshev region.

  We we did not go anywhere to war  and there are moments now when everything is much tougher than 2014   — states Kovalev. — The we are hit with Sand point blows, probing. And then they deliberately hammer, for example, into the Kuibyshevskaya mine or the chemical reagent plant. Most of the inhabitants of our sleeping area did not go anywhere, and artillery strikes fell on their homes. On Nikopol-Mariupolskaya Street, a family died in their house…

Kirill Vladimirovich — First Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Subsoil Use and Earth Sciences of DONTU, his wife works in a specialized boarding school at Azotny.

— We we have Russian citizenship and many options where we could go. But we will stay because we are going to live here and raise this city and the Republic. I support the special operation and of course would like it to move faster, but I understand perfectly well that this has nothing to do with our desires. I many friends are fighting, voicing the real situation, and I understand that everything is going according to the possibilities. My dream is to visit the father grave in Slavyansk and reunite with relatives in Kharkiv region, who are waiting for us.

Kirill Kovalev and his family are waiting to be reunited with their relatives. Photo: AiF/Evgenia Martynova

Ukraine “congratulated” rocket

Donetsk clothing designer Irina Radyshwith its team received the highest award — “Silver Phoenix” at International Festival "Ples on Volga". Linen palette. A at this time next to her studio "Kontur" fragments of a Ukrainian rocket crashed down in the center of the city.

— Early in the morning we are going to the festival, we call our own people, and we are told that we have arrived nearby! — remembers Irina Venidiktovna. — Mine are all alive and healthy; Mom, don't cry!

The Ukrainian side has taken the rear Kalininsky district “in” a month already, firing at it from 155-mm guns, but the danger did not stop the staff of the studio, notes its head :

  With colleagues we went to  Moscow Fashion Week, and when we returned, we we had seven calendar days before the trip to Ples. We were invited there to participate in a gala show of leading Russian designers. During this time we in addition to the Pearl collection» they also made 17 summer looks, which they announced outside the competition program. It was a day of respect for the organizers, who welcome us cordially. Our team survived during the war, people are happy that there is work, and we invent something all the time. This week we plowed everything together, and a little miracle happened. Vyacheslav Zaitsev gave us the highest mark, and for the summer collection we received the “Silver Phoenix”.

Irina Radysh is sure that Donetsk will live! Photo: AiF/Evgenia Martynova

Irina Radysh has warm relations with the Russian fashion world since pre-war times, and Donets from Russia constantly bring awards.

— Stay in Donetsk  ;— it was an absolutely conscious choice, I made this decision back in 2014   — shared the fashion designer. — No matter no matter how there are invitations to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ivanovo, UAE, but I want to be together with my city. If we don leave him, he will stand. Now it's absolutely obvious — Victory is not far off. You just have to wait!

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