“Arguments and Facts” Weekly No. 35. Came to the Complete East 31/08/2022

The fact that those who do not do well in school should go to college has long been a myth. 

Nerses Nersesyan, Director of Energia College near Moscow:

— In the leading institutions of secondary vocational education, the minimum score of the certificate for getting into the budget – this is 4. And there are specialties where, in order to be enrolled in state-funded places, you need to have almost one five in your certificate. If a child is more inclined towards theoretical sciences, it is probably better to try to enter a university. And if he is more interested in creating with his hands, then he should definitely think about college. In our field there is an important component – acquisition of knowledge through tactile skills. For example, a child at school is a triple student, but comes to college – and he suddenly gets an A in the same subject. And this is because he touched the object with his hands, felt it, and understanding came to him through tactile skills.

Why will the programs be reduced? Education will be based on the interdisciplinary principle. If earlier the Russian language was the Russian language, the history of – history, etc., now in the process of studying the Russian language we learn history. That is, the Russian language is mastered not on abstract texts, but on what is taught in the subject “history”. And the teacher of mathematics checks, among other things, the correct spelling of the assignment, spelling. Well, the practice orientation is high, because all the students of “Professionality” – target audience (trained for a specific enterprise and for a specific workplace. – Ed.). All teachers involved in the “Professionality” program will undergo retraining at the expense of the federal center.

It is much more interesting for children to study with us. Almost all of them work in their final year. And many receive decent salaries. Let's take mechanical engineering, which we employ turners, millers, and welders. The starting salary there is around 80 thousand rubles. An intelligent IT specialist, if he sold himself correctly (and we help them to sell themselves correctly in the labor market), the salary can be 150 thousand.

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