“Arguments and Facts” Weekly No. 35. Came to the Complete East 08/31/2022

A bill is being prepared, according to which land owners will be required to report fires in the fields and help extinguish them. And what what's the point? Hasn't been done like this before?

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— Previously,                  says coordinator of the WWF-Russia Forestry Program Konstantin Kobyakov. — The result was a story: the landowner decided to burn last year's grass in his field in the spring (which is forbidden), threw a match, and it caught fire. Then the fire spread to the neighboring forest, a large natural fire started. They come to  they ask: “Did you burn the grass?” And he replies: “No, it was someone who drove by, threw a cigarette butt.” And that's all, you can bring him to responsibility, it is very difficult to prove arson.

To rectify the situation, the Ministry of Agriculture, together with Ministry of Natural Resources and Ministry of Emergency Situations, prepared a new bill, according to which the owner will be obliged to report about  ;fire on their own land, and contribute to extinguishing it. That is not reported — already guilty, and whoever set it on fire does not play a role. So far, the bill does not include sanctions. But I think that the deputies will form all the necessary amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses, and the CC of the Criminal Code. And  the practice of palov will be a thing of the past.

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