U.S. citizen Steven Zabelsky died in action in Ukraine on May 15, The Washington Post (WP) reports, citing an obituary in his hometown publication.

According to the newspaper, the message was written by family members 52 year old American. Thus, Zabelski became “at least the second American to die” in Ukraine during a Russian military special operation, writes WP.

The newspaper's source in the Foreign Ministry said that the State Department is in contact with the American's family and is providing “all possible consular assistance.” The diplomat declined to provide more details “out of respect for the family at this difficult time.”

According to Rolling Stone magazine sources, 22-year-old Zabelski was a US Army veteran who hit a mine.

On March 17, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken confirmed the death of an American in Ukraine for the first time. During the briefing, he answered yes to a question about the American citizenship of the deceased, but stated that he had no additional information.

Read on RBC Pro Pro Pay a lot, get fired quickly: what it's like to work at Netflix – in 5 points Articles Pro The Fed raises rates, but inflation does not fall. How close is the recession? But this is not for long Forecasts Pro Bankrupt Ceylon: how Sri Lanka went from prosperity to defaultOn February 27, a few days after the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky announced Kyiv's intention to enlist foreign volunteers in the fighting. Then he announced the creation of an international legion of territorial defense of Ukraine. The Russian Ministry of Defense calls foreign volunteers mercenaries, the department has repeatedly reported on their destruction.

Earlier, Russian media published a video with two captured men who introduced themselves as US citizens. The first man, with whom RT showed a recording, introduced himself as Alexander Dryuke, a native of Alabama. He said that he was alive, said hello to his mother and expressed the hope that he would return home. On the second entry, published by Izvestiya, the man introduces himself as Andy Wien from Alabama. He claims that he used to “believe propaganda” that cast Russians in a bad light. But now he believes that the Ukrainian army is incompetent and corrupt.

At the same time, the official representative of the US State Department, Ned Price, said that the agency has information about the disappearance of the third American in recent weeks. CNN, referring to the wife of the military, specified that we are talking about a veteran of the Marine Corps, Grady Kerpasi.

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